Meet Tash, Advertising / Design Manager.

Your favourite blend of tea?

It would have to be jasmine green tea – it’s delicious. I find it very calming and relaxing.

Where do you love to drink tea?
On the weekend I’ll make a tea, grab a magazine, and relax on the sofa. I’ll often get lost in the interviews in Apartmento – it’s like a small window into other peoples lives.

How would you define your home style?
We’re both influenced by a Scandinavian aesthetic and I love colour. I like to collect interesting pieces and keep things relaxed. Being surrounded by things that have meaning and hold memories is important to me.

Your favourite piece?
Elia’s favourite piece is the large Kalyste print – it’s a great find from a vintage poster store on High St Armadale. My favourite is the Andy Warhol print in the dining room. It’s an advertising poster for an exhibition that was held in Stockholm and was a gift from my parents.

andy warhol

Describe your perfect Melbourne day.
Spending a day at Heide. It’s not that far, but feels like it is, so it’s a great place to escape to. I love everything about it – the architecture, the art, and the quiet surrounds.

Favourite place in the world?
New York – it’s a mecca of all things creative, and I especially love Brooklyn. I’ve wanted to go forever and our recent visit was my first. I remember walking through Central Park and being overwhelmed with this feeling of ‘wow, I’m actually here’.

What makes you the most happy?
Spending time at home with Elia, listening to music, maybe some Nina Simone or Billie Holiday, and just relaxing. I also love chatting with my sisters – one lives in San Francisco and the other is in England, so we’ll skype on weekends.

Your personal motto?
‘A good road to follow’ which for me is all about trusting yourself and keeping true to what you believe in.

Take a look at Tash’s home style.