As soon as I arrive at Will and Ari’s place, Hugo and Meli rush over to greet me. These two gorgeous dachshunds are full of life and obviously love their home as much as their owners. And why wouldn’t they? This is one amazing place. Walking through to the open plan living area, sun streaming through expansive windows creates plenty of light and a sunny spot for Hugo and Meli to bask in. In their beautifully renovated Victorian, Ari and Will have just finished remodelling their bathroom and are looking forward to starting on the kitchen next. Given the amazing results they’ve achieved, I can’t wait to return once the revamp is complete. We sit down to share a cup of countess grey tea, as the guys share stories of their recent travels and exciting new reno plans.


bathroom 1

Am I in a luxury hotel? Designed by Smarter Bathrooms, the newly renovated bathroom is the epitome of modern luxury. From the stone surfaces to the timber accents and decorative textured tiles, this bathroom is perfection.

bathroom 2

Warm timber tones offset glossy white finishes in a harmonious space that mixes clean lines with soft curves.

dining room

In the dining room, a blonde timber table is complemented by minimalist chairs and the sculptural leaves of an impressive Zanzibar Gem plant.

fornasetti plates

Fornasetti becomes a feature – the dining room is the perfect spot to showcase a highly collectable series of wall plates.

bic poster

Big fun with Bic – a quirky vintage advertising poster creates a colourful backdrop to dinner conversation.

wall prints

Framed neon prints from The Galerie transform a hallway entrance into a gallery wall.

mirror and stairs

Light and shade play beautifully thanks to expansive skylights and a stunning oversized Jardan mirror reflecting light into the space.

living room

In the living room, an original vintage poster from Letitia Morris becomes the centre of attention. Luxe marble Jardan coffee tables perfectly contrast with the natural textures of the sofa and Country Road cushions.



A golden touch – treasures collected while traveling add a sense of playful opulence.

Read my cuppa convo with Will.


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