Meet Will, Team Leader / Amazing Make-up Artist.

Your favourite blend of tea?
Earl grey was my favourite until I tasted countess grey today!  I love the twist on the traditional earl grey – the bergamot, the complexity, the aroma. I have great memories of growing up with earl grey tea and marmalade on toast – it just takes me back to being a child on holidays with my family.

Where do you love to drink tea?
When I have the time to truly enjoy it, I like to relax on the sofa and take a moment for myself with a cup of tea.

How would you define your home style?
Understated, contemporary, and uncluttered, with a little touch of luxury.  Ari and I also love traveling and bringing back interesting finds to decorate with – it’s fun to create a home filled with memories of holidays together.

Your favourite piece?
I just fell in love with the Starlett print when I first saw it. The colours and elegance of it make me really happy.  It’s wonderful to me, and just makes me smile.

Describe your perfect Melbourne day.
Definitely a sleep in before brunch at a local cafe – Mixed Business or Rubber Duck are a couple of my favs. I’d then take Meli and Hugo for a nice sunny walk, followed by late lunch with friends at Pinotta. To end the day, maybe an afternoon movie at the beautiful old cinema in Westgarth, then over to Supermaxi for the best pizza in town.

Favourite place in the world?
There are so many places, but I’d have to say Santorini.  There is something so calming and centering about it.  It always takes my breath away, but at the same time clears my mind and gives me the opportunity to think about where I’m heading.

What makes you the most happy?
The simple things bring me the most happiness, like spending time with friends and family or a beautiful Sunday lunch with loved ones.

Your personal motto?
Be kind, and remember your manners – they don’t cost a thing.

will dachshunds 2
Will with Meli and Hugo

Take a look at Will’s home style