Hello Nic

Meet Nicole, Office Manager / Fabulous Mum / Lover of Design & Interiors

Your favourite blend of tea?
Earl Grey and English Breakfast, I like a traditional uncomplicated tea.

Where do you love to drink tea?
I share my first cup of the day mostly with my daughter Ariana. We have a lovely breakfast together in the kitchen before I head to work and she heads off to daycare. If I’m not rushing, we sit and chat at my corner bench. Looking out to the courtyard, it’s also the perfect place to ponder and reflect on the day.

How would you define your home style?
Minimal and neutral with a Scandi influence. I’d rather have a few really nice pieces than lots of bits and pieces. For me, great art, lighting and flowers always finish off a room. I also like to live clutter free even with a young daughter – she’s very good at keeping things in an ordered way, respecting her toys and the house, which I certainly think she’s learnt from me!

Your favourite find?
Ariana’s Plyroom bed. I didn’t want a traditional bed and really love everything about this brand – designed for life and made for living.

Describe your perfect Melbourne day.
Sunny and 25! I’d start the day with a morning run or workout before stopping by the market to explore all of its great food and offerings. Then it’s fun time at the park with my daughter – her laughter and energy really make my day. In the evening, it’s drinks with my husband before relaxing on the sofa and watching our favourite series (House of Cards at the moment!)

Favourite place in the world?
It has to be Italy. The food and the people are just so beautiful. We spent our honeymoon in Bellagio and on the Amalfi Coast – I’d love to go back.

What makes you the most happy?
Great times with friends and family and spending time with the people I love.

Your personal motto?
Life is too short so enjoy each day as it comes – experience new things and never give up on your dreams.