Meet Jen, Chief Operating Officer / Artist / Eco Friendly Tea Lover.

Your favourite blend of tea?
I create my own blend by mixing T2 Licorice and Kusmi Sweet Love Tea – I just love the spice and licorice flavours together. I never have milk and prefer to drink my tea black.

Where do you love to drink tea?
I always drink tea at work, it destresses me. At home, I’ll make a tea and relax with a good book in my favourite reading chair.

How would you define your home style?
Danish retro. I especially love my wall unit. When I first walked in to the house, the previous owner had a beautiful teak one and I absolutely loved it. When I moved in, I searched for months to find one but could never find one large enough with the right cupboard elements. I eventually found the perfect one at Grandfather’s Axe in Northcote.

Your favourite pieces?
My teacups and glassware. There’s one glass my Poppy used to have his evening beer in which is very special to me, and my teacups because they remind me of Grandma.

Describe your perfect Melbourne day.
I’d start the day with breakfast at a local cafe – Las Chicas on Carlise Street in Balaclava is one of my favs. Then a hot yoga class afterwards, followed by a trip to the Prahran market – they have amazing organic produce and stalls, so I always pick up my fruit and veg there.

Favourite place in the world?
Wilsons Prom in Winter. There is no one around, it’s absolutely stunning and so relaxing. The landscape is interesting, so I enjoy painting there. I took Grandma to Wilsons Prom and we painted together, so it’s a special place for me.

What makes you the most happy?
Painting and travel. Watercolour is my favourite medium, and I paint pretty much anything, but I love life drawing.

Your personal motto?
Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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