I just can’t go past a good teapot. This fun little find is perfect for brewing an earthy green tea. The mix of pattern and shape caught my eye – 60s retro meets oriental tea house.

For something different, try Green Jasmine and Pear tea from Madame Flavour – it blends a smooth Chinese green tea with a cool pear flavour. Madame Flavour describe this blend as ‘the perfect tea to bring you back down to earth’

The tea is from Jiang Xi province in China: “Many small farmers contribute the leaves from their plots to be dried locally and then taken to Mr Chung who is an expert scenter. Mr Chung adds kilos of freshly picked jasmine flowers to the dry green tea leaves. The dry leaves coax open the fresh jasmine, absorbing their delicate aroma and flavour. This process is repeated until the leaves are ready to give you a beautiful, traditionally scented green jasmine tea.

Brewing and Serving:
– Green tea is best brewed at a slightly lower temperature of 85deg celsius to maintain the best flavour
– Brew green tea for only 2-3 minutes to avoid it tasting bitter
– I love the refreshing and exotic taste of jasmine green tea, and the pear adds a really light fruity note. Tastes great with a matcha green tea cake, or even a light savoury asian dish.

You can find Madame Flavour at Thomas Dux, and it’s also available at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.